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Recipe: Rhubarb + Tarragon breakfast

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

When we were in Copenhagen last summer, prior to attending WOC in Amsterdam, we had the most glorious bowls of porridge at Bowl Market. So glorious in fact that we did you all a favour and asked our friend Trey (owner) for the recipe, we begged for months & months and finally (after we promised our first born to him) we got it.

Trey is very thoughtful as to where all of his ingredients come from, the milled oats are grown on his friends farm. The olive oil has been chosen because of it's sweet and fruity quality, he had tried endless numbers of different oils and settled on the one they use as it's the best flavour for the dish. We love the thought process behind such a simple dish, simple and quality ingredients is what it's about after all!

| Rhubarb & Tarragon porridge

| Oats |

1 cup of rough milled Oats

2 cups of Water

Good pinch of salt

Cook on a high heat. Once it's boiling it takes about 3 minutes to reach optimal texture. They should be firm and each oat should hold it's form but also a little soft - but not mushy!

| Rhubarb |

The compote ratio should be 5 to 4 parts Rhubarb and Sugar. Cook until it reaches the ideal softness.

+ Olive oil and fresh Tarragon

| Building |

At the Bowl Market they build the porridge with a middle layer so that when you eat it you don't have to stress over rationing the toppings for each bite - also the Tarragon will heat up in the middle layer giving it the most incredible aroma!

So add to your bowl; some Porridge, then the Rhubarb, Tarragon and Olive Oil. More Porridge then top the bowl with the amount of toppings that you find will help you get through the bowl. Done!

Or if you preferred, just pop in and get Trey and his team to make it for you + a cup of coffee from the amazing coffee roasters, Coffee Collective.

Bowl Market - Gasværksvej 3, 1656 København, Denmark.

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