Acme & Co is a company that was dreamed up from a long-standing ambition and need to create the perfect coffee cup.
Acme Cups are designed by coffee professionals for everyone, every bit of thought and personal experience goes into each design.
Our approach to this business is simple; design a functional, durable, yet elegant product. With our extensive backgrounds in the industry, we take what we know and our need for better and apply it to our products. It's that simple.

Megan; if there’s a job to be had in the Coffee industry there’s a very good chance that she’s done it; from dishwasher to café manager to award-winning coffee roaster and barista competitor & judge. 


Meg is our Sales and Marketing Manager she appreciates simple yet functional design and creating stuff - any stuff, she's not too picky.   

Patrick; his science project aged 14 was a Hypothesis about the stability of cappuccino foam. If anyone was distended to design coffee cups, it was this guy. He’s been with Acme & Co from the beginning and knows this business inside and out.
Paddy's our Logistics Manager and lead designer. He takes our ideas and turns them into magic aka the final product. He's also quite good to travel with, that's why he's also our Logistics guy - multitasker. 
Acme Cups, Logistics Manager Patrick Kennedy
Acme & Co was founded in 2011 by Jeff and partner Bridget Dunn from Jeff's longstanding ambition to create the cups he had always wanted. In 2013 they created the Acme HQ, Prefab, a 180 seater flagship. Prefab is Acme Cups testing ground for all new products but it’s also where Jeff roasts coffee and Bridget hosts our customers every day.  
Jeff and Bridget have attracted a strong team to Acme & Co who are equally steeped in coffee and cafe culture. 
They both have had long careers in hospitality and coffee in
New Zealand most notably as former owners of Caffe L'affare - the coffee roasting company and cafe that Jeff founded in 1990.
Jeff Kennedy, Grandfather of NZ Coffee Industry