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2 minutes with Ralf, owner of The Barn.

It's been quite the year for Ralf and The Barn Coffee Roastery, opening a huge number of cafes at the speed of light and they also won 'The Best Coffee Roastery in Europe' award for just doing what they love. Ralf has supported Acme from day one and we love his coffee, it's a win-win!

Ralf, if it's possible, please tell us in 5 or fewer words what it is that you have done:

I've turned my passion into my profession.

What's your most favorite place in the whole wide world?


What's your dream Sunday?

When I am in Berlin, I start with a walk in my neighborhood in Mitte. I usually have a Flatwhite in one of our cafés - which I tactically positioned around my home, so I can have a free cup of coffee at any time … :-). One a sunny day, I pack my boyfriend up and we go to one of the lakes around Berlin. We take our bicycles and have a nice piece of cake in one of the more traditional cafés. When it rains, we drop into one of the many art galleries in Mitte. I love finishing my Sundays with a good movie at the cinema. 

What are you currently working towards?

I had a pretty full-on year; we opened 5 new cafés in Berlin over the past twelve months. Crazy! I am now trying to get back into a better fitness routine and to find more time outside of coffee. Which is tricky; the product and communities are addictive. So it often does not feel like work at all. I am lucky to have a fantastic crew with beautiful individuals. I am working on letting them do their job and to be less involved at an operational level. 

Where in Berlin are you based?

I am based in Berlin Mitte, where I found a nice flat ten years ago and then decided to start a coffee business within walking distance to my home. I absolutely love the vibe in this neighborhood - it is a great mix of local and international. I do spend much of the year visiting all our coffee producers and I engage in our international coffee communities quite a bit. In 6 months, I will be relocating our roastery to a larger space here in Berlin.

Give us a list of your most favorite things to do in the wonderful city of Berlin!

1. Inline Skating at Tempelhofer Feld (former airport runway)

2. Raclette at Chalet Suisse (wooden restaurant in the middle of the forest)

3. Eat a piece of Russian Honey Cake at Alexandrowka Colony in Potsdam (not in Berlin but worth the trip!)

4. Canoeing in Spreewald around Schlepzig (forest south of Berlin)

5. Gallery visit at Boros Foundation (former German Bunker)  


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