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2 Minutes with Andrea, founder of Fix & Fogg

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Andrea and her partner, Roman started Fix and Fogg as a way to get away from the corporate life as Lawyers. With most of our minute chats on here, Andrea and Roman are passionate people about spending their working days doing something that's meaningful, sustainable and tasty - it's an equal tie in the office between the Chocolate and the Smoke and Fire peanut butter... We asked Andrea a few questions + she shares with us a list of wonderful creative Wellington women.

Andrea, give us 5 words to describe what you do... go!

Live life to the full.

What's your favorite place in the whole wide world?

The ocean! I’m a water baby at heart. I swim in Wellington harbour almost every day and it’s my happy place - both full of energy but also really meditative.

What's your idea of a dream Sunday?

An early start with a swim in the sea. I love the feeling of being up early and seeing the sun rise and watching people start their days. Then a coffee, crossword, breakfast, and chat with my family. A lunch on the beach with my feet in the sand (though maybe not in wellington!), another swim or walk in the bush, some

baking, playing the piano, finished with a glass of rose and bbq with friends.

What are you currently working on at Fix and Fogg?

We’re in the middle of our B-Corp certification process, everything we do at Fix & Fogg must meaningful, sustainable and delicious.

And finally, what do you love most about living in Wellington?

I love living in Wellington. You really can’t beat it on a good day. It’s unpretentious, creative, and makes the best coffee in the world!

Wellington Ceramicists that I love:

  1. - Karin Amdal (Pause Ceramics)

  2. - Bec Roberts (Boo Ceramics)

  3. - Felicity Donaldson (Wundaire)

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