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2 mins with Michal, Editor of Standart

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We’re rather big fans of Standart magazine - as are most people right?! It just sums up specialty coffee in such a neat, compact way.

After a delightful conversation that involved gushing over our love for print and our favorite magazine titles I asked Michal, editor and founder, if he wouldn’t mind answering our questions for us and despite the love for print he said yes to an online article.

If you could use 5 words to describe what you do, what would they be?

Surrounding myself with smart people.

Favorite place in the whole wide world

New York City.

What’s your dream Sunday?

There are two kinds of Sundays I love: one at home and one in the woods. At home I would start with a short swimming session followed by breakfast with people I love, shopping at the farmer’s market, spending loads of time outside and seeing a movie in the evening. I’m obsessed with quality popcorn and I always look for excuses to go to the cinema more often than I should (especially the independent ones that serve wine).

What are you currently working on/towards (besides Standart of course!)?

At Standart, we’re currently hiring and developing a new website, so most of my focus and energy is spent in that direction. There’s a number of exciting projects coming up, such as rebranding, hosting an event in Tokyo and many more. Off-work, I’m getting into traditional archery with a good friend of mine!

Where are you based? and where will you be based in 6 months?

For most of the year, I’m based in Karlin, my favourite neighborhood in Prague. My girlfriend and I both work remotely, so we actually spent the past four months in Mexico, and we’re thinking of Vietnam for next year.

My (current) top 5 magazines:


Delayed Gratification

Noble Rot

Another Escape

Weapons of reason

Another favorite person of ours (that we chatted to a while back) sells a lot of these issues + Standart, click here to view Tho's website, Coffee Table Mags.


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