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Meet Roman

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

May 2019: At the beginning of the week, we did our first ever Live Instagram and it was great. We were a little nervous, for many reasons. Mainly rejection. But we had a great turn out, it seems that you were all very excited to meet our new range, Roman and get a small tour of our flagship cafe, Prefab.

The evolution of the coffee cup has been a slow one, only now are we starting to see a slight shift away from the heavy espresso cup. The style of espresso has changed dramatically in the past 10 years, we're seeing a much lighter and longer style being served instead of the very traditional "it will put hairs on your chest" short and sticky Italian style espresso - not that there's anything wrong with that, there's a time and a place for all styles of espresso! Serving that style of coffee is very well suited to the cup it's been served in. Heavy. Which makes sense, right?!

But what about a lighter style drink? When you pick up a heavy cup with a light tasting drink it, it can throw you a little. The balance is off. The mouthfeel of the cup on your lip isn't quite right. These small details can and will change your whole experience. You can just wave goodbye to all the work done by the Barista - goodness that got quite dramatic quickly!

Roman; is a finer, lighter cup.

When designing this cup, we really wanted to use a lighter porcelain material and when we received a sample of Magnesium porcelain we knew we had found our raw material. We loved how crisp and white it was but also strong. It was a no brainer.

The inspiration for shape came from Jeffs favorite cup, it's been sitting on his espresso machine for years, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The range is now available in a 110ml, 170ml and 270ml, making it the ideal vessel for both espresso and filter drinks. A medium saucer for the 170ml and 270ml and a small saucer for the 110ml - got to keep that precious bench space in mind! And like always, the medium and small saucers fit all of our ranges. Mix and match!

Update: You can now purchase Roman from the following counties:

We will have Roman on the stand in Berlin at World of Coffee - Hall 1, Stand I13

Pop by and see Roman + we have a few other samples available to touch, feel and mimic drinking from.

See you soon! Meg and Paddy.


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