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Our (kinda) New Range

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We have a bit of an exciting announcement...

We sometimes forget that Porcelain is a natural product. This results in a bunch of things going wrong in the production chain, which can and does results in defects and waste. We work closely with our factories to reduce these errors, but due to the natural nature of this product, we still get waste.

But what do you do with that waste that can't be recycled? It has your name on the bottom so you don't really want it going out into the world. Most ceramic companies dump it and this is something that we have also done in the past. We were misguided and misinformed because as we were told, it's just what you do. However, this isn't something that we want to continue doing. We're taking ownership of our mistakes and thinking creatively.

Hello B Range.

The B range consists of minor defaults that don't quite meet our high standards, so don't panic, handles will be attached and there won't be chunks missing. The B range is now only available from our outlet section on the Europe Wholesale website. If you would like access to our Europe wholesale store please just get in touch: and we will be in touch

Any questions please just get in touch,

Thanks, Megan


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