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Highs & Lows // WOC edition

Highs //

1. Feeling like big brave travellers when people asked how long it took us to get to Berlin (from New Zealand) and watching their face in horror when we explained that we took 4 flights and we were traveling for 26 hours. Most definitely a high?!

2. Leaving winter and arriving in Summer, however after 2 weeks of 36 degrees... Other than the high temp being a high I don't think it should be up here in 'Highs'...

3. Meeting our lovely customers who we have been chatting to via email for ages! It's always so lovely putting a face to an email!

4. Wine (boy did we get too many opportunities to drink some fine natural wines), we hosted a small natural wine tasting for a few customers and friends at the Bonanza Coffee roastery. Such a beautiful space for such a lovely event, as it was hot we had the doors open and spent most of the evening out doors in the courtyard drinking tasty wines from Daisy at Soma Wines, out of our Tajimi cups.

5. Launching new products! Roman, the Larsson mugs and Bobbys new smaller sibling - B2. Thanks for all the love on these new products, they're be in Europe at the end of the summer.

6. Having our Australian distributor, Luka and our Spanish distributor, Sam on the stand with us over the 3 days. We get to work with some really great people.

7. Last year in Amsterdam after seeing the huge amount of waste that was going on at the show we gave out the 110ml taster cups for everyone to keep and use. This year we decided to do it again but go that extra step. We had a bunch of the Union Eggshell mugs sitting in our warehouse and as we don't produce that colour in the Union range any more we decided these would be perfect for this years show!

We asked Jeff to draw an eggshell for us, we then slapped that onto the eggshell Union mugs and handed them out to visitors to use at the show instead of all the paper cups. We have just made them available on the website as separate units - which is something new we're trying out... Also, click here if you would like to win a pair.

8. The unexpected stop over in Munich and visiting long time customer and pal, Man Verses Machine for a cold brew in the ideal weather temperature, 25 degrees.

Lows //

1. The heat. Building a stand in 36 degrees in a hall that isn't air conditioned isn't ideal. But it also made the glass of wine and/or beer at the end of the day taste a lot sweeter.

2. Have we mentioned the heat?

3. It took us an extra 24 hours to get back to New Zealand due to the thunderstorms in Berlin. 42 hours in total. We did it because we love you.

4. The logistics company briefly misplacing our stand. The walk up the stairs to the office was a good work out though so all is forgiven (also a forklift blew up that may or may not have had our stand on its forks...).

5. 36 degrees.

Ok we're done now.

Until next time, thanks for visiting us.

Meg and Paddy.


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