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Hello friends.

Thank you for such an amazing year, we're really looking forward to seeing you all in the

New Year. Here's to 2019!

Before we sign off for the year we wanted to share one last wee project with you. Whilst scrolling Instagram we came across the work of Artist @folerart. We have meet some amazing people via this medium and Martin is no different. We loved this design so we decided to make it a little more permanent.

Nothing says permanent like turning it into your Christmas card!

| Hey Foler Art!

- Where in the world are you based?!

Born, raised and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently lived for some time in Barcelona and my connection with that city is still growing strong. Might be back soon...

- Best thing you have discovered in the recent year?

This year I rediscovered the entire city, going out with my bike and exploring Buenos Aires in a tourist mode. There are plenty of new specialty coffee shops, art galleries, museums and parks to enjoy.

- How do you start the day?

When I wake up I check my social media on my phone. Then I prep my breakfast: usually oat bowl with banana, blueberries, sesame seeds and a splash of orange juice and start going through emails on my iPad, which nowadays is my main work station.

- Favourite place in the world?

My roots are in Buenos Aires and I love this city, but Barcelona is amazing in so many ways. People from all around the world, design shops everywhere, the ocean, mountains, art scene, architecture, food. The general vibe of the city and its location is simply on point.

- What are you currently working on/towards?

Besides my duties as a freelancer I’m currently focused on a new series of illustrations and also working on making my prints available online and worldwide.

Have a lovely New Year and see you all in 2019!

Megan, Paddy and Caroline.


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