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Excitement overload..

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The World AeroPress Championships are 2 weeks away and like I mentioned above, the excitement is overloading.

Megan and Paddy are jumping the ditch for the 2 days of festivities & we have some good news, you can join us... just get a ticket here - you thought we had tickets to give away didn't you?! Sorry, but no. However we will share a beer with you - free beer, but a beer none the less.

We mentioned in our newsletter the food vendors that will be providing us with the substance to keep us energised to cheer on the competitors.. if you haven't received the newsletter and are dying to know - you can sign up here, or just read below.

RISING SUN The boys have been scoring good food points recently and will bring some inspiring dishes!

BOON CAFÉ Pallisa Andersons Chat Thai offshoot. Ummm... Yes please!

ROCKER Chef and co-owner Darren Robertson and chef Stuart Toon will be slinging some tasty treats!

Fun AeroPress fact -

There's a few two time national champions this year & 2 of the two-time champions are the only ones to have ever won an Aeropress championship in their countries - The Maldives and Estonia.

Below is the recipe that Rahu's used last year to win the Maldives championship... I wonder how different her recipe will be this year?!

Rahma Mahmood

2017/2018 Maldivian AeroPress Champion


Coffee: Aricha

Origin: Ethiopia

Roaster: Coffee Lab Maldivian

Position: Inverted

Filter: Paper // Preparation: Rinsed

Weight: 35g

Grinder: Baratza Virtuoso, setting: 8

Water Weight: 215g

Type: Filtered Water

Temp: 93c


  • Start your timer. Add the coffee and 150g of water into the chamber

  • Bloom for 45 sec

  • Stir for 15 sec

  • Add 30g of water and stir gently

  • Attach the filter cap and flip the AeroPress

  • Start pressing at 2 min 15 sec, and finish by 2 min 40 sec

  • Top up to 215g with 81c water


Paddy and Meg would love to see you, so please let us know if you're heading along!

ps. (Kiwis, there's some good deals on Air NZ right now, just saying)


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