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NEWS / 24pc Flatware set

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Our cutlery is now available in a 24pc set. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our design, this includes packaging. Cutlery packaging is hard to keep plastic-free, everyone uses it in their packaging, it's easy. We know as we have been wrapping our teaspoons in it for years! We set out to put a product into the market that wasn't just different or accessible to everyone it also had to be sustainable. So wrapping it in plastic wasn't an option for us.

We decided that tissue paper was the next best option. It's more labor-intensive than putting the cutlery through a plastic-wrapping machine but that's ok, it's what it is and if there's less plastic in the world we're happy.

We worked with a packaging designer genius, as we wanted to get it right from day one.

No plastic, elastic or metal has been used, the packaging is recyclable + there's a game in every box. Almost like a kinder surprise but not.

Available in New Zealand | Europe & Australia

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