• Megan


Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Hello! I'm Meg or Megan - whichever you prefer is fine with me. I do a few different things around here but my main focus is Marketing.

I've been slowly working away in the background on a few new projects. One of the more exciting changes is a freshen of the brand. We make great products, but I felt they needed a fresh and shiny new platform to sing from. The amazingly talented Bonny took everything we gave her and produced the beautiful images that you now see on the website. We're so happy with them and the feedback has been amazing, thanks for the love everyone. Other than splashing the new images all over the web, I've also created a pretty catalogue where I explain our cup lines in a bit more detail - if you would like a copy just sing out and I'll flick one through.

We wanted to create a landing page for Acme & Co that was easy to use, and more importantly made it easier for everyone to find our distributors' pages. We have also changed and updated our B2B websites in New Zealand and Europe. There have been a few kinks that we have had to iron out so we thank you for your patience! Paddy is also working on opening our B2B page in the EU to the public, but I'm sure there will be a Journal post when that's ready or a party or both because wouldn't that be amazing?!

We have a few other tricks up our sleeves that we let you know when we're ready (maybe a new product.. shhhhh). We're excited, change is a good thing and we're embracing it with open arms.

If you wanna get in touch just send us a DMs and say hi!