• Megan

Melbourne // A quick city guide

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

A quick guide to our favourite eating & drinking spots that you must hit if you're short on

time in this rad city.

Newly opened Every Day Coffee in Collingwood - top notch coffee, outdoor planters and shady trees (although when it's cooler, inside at their beautiful tables is also a winner). When you have filled your tummies there, head a couple of doors up the street for another tasty brew at the beautifully, crispy white gallery space that is A Coffee.

Patricia Coffee Brewers is a top Melbourne coffee joint for many reasons. They have a queue out the door 96.52% of the time, however the staff are always happy for a chat and they serve a constantly good cup every. damn. time - try and get a perch inside and watch the magic or a seat on the curb to people watch is just as fun.

Dukes coffee roasters, the CBD location is beautiful, as are their lovely staff and coffee + the sweet treats are a must - which you will be needing by this point to soak up the caffeine!

Photos Gorta Yuuki

By now your coffee levels will be pretty high, however you knew already that this would happen and had already booked at table at Typo 00 Pasta restaurant or Embla. Now give yourself a pat on your back. Well done. Or if you didn't have that foresight, go and join the queue at Chin Chin, maybe take a snack with you... the queue is often quite long. If the hunger is just too real head along to Shop Ramen for a big bowl of Ramen. Or if you just want to be fed get to Jim's Greek Taverna or Leonardo's Pizza Palace

Now, brunch, it's only the most important meal of the day! You can't go wrong with the dirty eggs at Archies all day, then when you're done there skip across the road for the fried chicken at Belles. It's best you now go for a walk and look at some stuff.

If you have a little more time on your hands then please make sure that at least one (or all) of these are on your list:

Be.an by Workshop Bros, Proud Mary Coffee, Coffee Supreme, Higher Ground, Lune Croissant, Market Lane, Brother Baba Budan & St Ali. Breath. Axil Coffee Roasters, Padre Coffee, Terror Twilight & Code Black.

*Just so you're aware of a few details; In Melbourne you will queue so take that into account when planing your time there, also note that we haven't been able to include everyone as there is an overwhelming amount of places to drink coffee, eat and be merry in. So if you're not on the list please don't take it to heart there will be plenty more lists, promise. We love you all. Oh! And the 96.52% queue percentage (at Patricia Coffee Brewers) is a fact we pulled from thin air - the waits never ever as long as you think it's going to be.

Top middle image: @workshopbros