• Megan

Hi Acme

So how do you interview yourself? Ask yourself the right questions? Make sure you're informing your audience and not putting them to sleep or worse rolling their eyes!? Well, what you shouldn't do is google "what are some fun questions to ask your coworkers to get to know them better"...

"Would you rather wear a helmet or handcuffs?" - nope.


"Would you rather never brush your hair or teeth ever again" - we all chose to sacrifice our hair BTW.

We could also do a post about how we have all worked different roles in coffee: Paddy having help set up coffee roasterys, been a barista for EVER and how Marinas worked in Kitchens and FOH. Oh and how Megan has set up cafes, roasted coffee for almost world champions and judged but that's all a bit boring. Instead we're just going to share with you our ideal Sundays, we feel that this gives you a much clearer picture about us as humans.

Paddy: "Waffles or a big fluffy pancake breakfast, then head to the beach with the kids. Lunch and dinner would combine into one big pizza party".

Marina: "Breakfast cooked at home - hopefully we had done the market shop on Saturday so we have all the ingredients, that's a big one. Then a nature walk, keeping it local, followed by some daytime relaxing and an afternoon pint. Friends over for dinner, I'd cook and do everything".

Megan: "A cafe breakfast where I can read the paper and drink a coffee in peace, basically child free. Then we would all, child included, go for a walk about the city - I'm stealing Marinas idea to keep it local. I'd have a pre-lunch pint and snack, followed by more walking. Then dinner would be a Pet Nat and/or Champagne, I'm not fussy, oysters and lots of plates with 2 bites of everything only because I don't eat much and can never get through a full meal".

Paddy: "Oh I'm going to have champagne cocktails with my breakfast too!"

Marina: "And I'm going to add Bloody Marys!"

That's us in a nutshell.

Side note: We tried to record our conversation, but as we're cup professionals and not recording professionals it didn't go quite to plan. Oh and then theres the tangents we went off on, you really don't have time to listen to all of those.