• Megan

Acme Colour.

We're pretty proud of our New Zealand heritage so when we were getting ready to bring out our Espresso range we really wanted to show New Zealand off. And what better way to do that but with colour!

We felt that by naming our colours after New Zealand's flora and fauna it would allow us to show off our beautiful county + we're all kiwis and love talking about how beautiful our country is. New Zealanders are a proud bunch.

· Feijoa (Green) named after a fruit - The Feijoa is a very coveted fruit that more often than not is grown in Kiwis back yards. We live on them for a month, get sore tummies then hang out all year waiting for the tree to fruit again in March/April. It's a very hard flavour to describe, kinda sweet, a little medicinal, and very yummy.

· Weka (Brown), a flightless bird cause that's what New Zealand does well. They're known as a bush hen and are attracted to shiny things. There's not a huge population of them about but they're around. Much like us New Zealanders.

· Dolphin (Grey), Penguin (Black), and Whale (Navy Blue), We decided to keep it simple as there are so many of these species that are native to New Zealand. It was too hard! Each has been linked for more information about these different species.

All of these colors are available in our Espresso range and Union mugs.

New colours... I wonder what they could be? All we can say is that they will be available in: New Zealand, Europe (UK via our Europe store), Australia and USA from November. These colours will be introduced across a few ranges so get ready.

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